A.D. Mark, LLC. was created and inspired by my best friend and culinary colleague, Mark C. Fearon. Mark and I met in kindergarten. Growing up we always shared a passion and love for food. When we hit high school we attended culinary vocational school together. We both quickly solidified our plans of moving on to higher education in the hospitality world. As we visited different colleges we would discuss our life post-college. After endless talks about our future, we knew we wanted to open some type of food-service establishment. On our bus rides to and from school we would plan out our dream of what came to be known as our restaurant, Mark’s Ally.

As any good planner knows- the only constant in life is nothing goes as planned. Mark passed away during our senior year of high school and never made it to continue culinary school with me. As hard as it was for me to continue my life, let alone move away and go to culinary school, I knew I had to do it for Mark and myself. As I moved forward through my education, I knew he was with me every step of the way. I decided pretty early on during college that I didn’t want to be a chef but I loved serving others in any way possible. I fell into planning events but always looked back at my culinary times with Mark. My love for this industry began by making pizzas with my best friend.

As I continue to experience wonderful things without him by my side, I still think of him and our dream every day. I never lost focus of Mark’s Ally, but with him no longer here it evolved into how could I make my Mark? The Mark I want to make on the world and the hospitality industry. My company is dedicated to Mark C. Fearon, for inspiring and motivating me to stay in this industry and for giving me the courage to branch out on my own. With that said, a percentage of A.D. Mark, LLC profits will be donated towards a culinary scholarship in Mark’s name. In hopes of encouraging young people to follow their dreams within the hospitality world.

Please click here to donate to the Mark C. Fearon Culinary Scholarship Fund